10 books including rare ones for aspiring entrepreneurs you shouldn’t miss

We have selectively chosen some books for budding entrepreneurs. Have the patience to read them one by one. The books below aren’t shown in any specific order — all books are equally good for what they have to offer.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one. — George R.R. Martin

1- One cup at a time, the story of Starbucks — Howard Schultz
A story of how one can charge 4 times for something that is already available by NOT focusing on the product BUT on the environment that surrounds it

2- The life of Mahatma Gandhi - Louis Fischer
The story of Gandhi as a human being and not as GOD. Has very powerful lessons on leadership for everyone.

3- Giants of enterprise — Richard S. Tedlow
A gripping analysis of 5 business leaders by one of the best writers of business history in the world

4- The alchemist - Paulo Coelho
This book will put a smile on your face and hope in your eyes. This is a must JUST before you start OR when you have lost ALL hope of starting!

5- Outliers — Malcolm Gladwell
A compelling story of how people become superlative performers….it debunks the born genius theory

6- Sachin Tendulkar the definitive biography — Vaibhav Purandare
A close look at what goes into the making of a champion. This one will surely teach a person all the work involved to be a true champion.

7- The ascent of money — Niall Ferguson
This is perhaps the best history book for a person who wants to understand how the finance business and modern capitalism became what it has today.

8- The art of the start — Guy Kawasaki
The journey from nothing to product to market….a good read for someone starting up.

9. The story of innovation, where good ideas come from — Steven Johnson
Demystifies how one innovates and how the really BIG ideas /inventions actually happened

10. Founders at work
Story of the first 2 years in business for several silicon valley legends!

We really hope you find these books helpful. However, it is not absolutely mandatory to read each of the books mentioned here, but reading them definitely gives you more knowledge and sums up lessons from different people across diverse industries.

Happy reading!