Candidate engagement is the key to achieve recruitment success

You read that right — candidate engagement can actually be the key to achieve recruitment success. It is fairly easy to engage with candidates when you have fewer roles combined with a fairly small list of candidates. It gets tougher to engage with candidates when you have a high volume of roles and a large list of candidates.

Candidate engagement is one of the key experiences a candidate would remember during their career. Sadly, most of the recruiters do not have a good candidate engagement process in place as about 60% of the candidates have experienced a bad engagement process where they haven’t received any feedback from the recruiter or employer. (Source: Careerbuilder)

There are few tips to level up your recruitment game by prioritizing your candidate engagement process:

  1. Communicate a clear hiring timeline
    Candidates should be made aware of the entire hiring timeline, so they stay updated and know what to expect at any given time. Yes, we know it gets tough when the volumes are high, but let technology assist you here. A lot of recruitment tools have it inbuilt, where you get to send message to specific candidate pools. Oleoo, Talentwave & Beamery might be some of the tools you would want to check out.
  2. If the volumes are high, use a chatbot
    A chatbot can be used to message candidates for general queries which they might have — without your involvement. A candidate has a lot of questions on role, package, experience and so forth. Although a bot requires initial setup, it will save you a lot of time! One can also export all the details in a PDF, so it's quick, focused and covers everything a candidate might want to look at.
  3. Talk to qualified candidates with more enthusiasm to boost their morale.
    Today’s workforce is a multi-generational workforce and they like to have multiple channels of communication. Maintain a good level of professionalism added with a good sense of humour. Get the candidate excited about company he or she is fit for.
  4. Provide feedback to candidates
    As we mentioned earlier, use a tool to manage candidates. The tool itself has features to send feedback to candidates. That way, candidates do not have any level of uncertainty about assessment results. This will help you as a recruiter, to fill positions faster and deliver a great candidate experience.
  5. Ask for feedback
    Create a form on Google Forms or Typeform, put relevant questions in the form and keep it short. Ask your candidates to provide feedback so that you know where you can improve and track your performance over time.

In the process of providing screened talent at scale, you will be rejecting the vast majority of candidates, but you still want to make sure your recruitment process is as engaging and pleasant for the candidates as possible. Candidate engagement used to be tiring, especially where high volume is involved. However, a modern recruiter can leverage tools like Ctalk by CBREX to keep track of all their recruiting activity. We've brought together calls, e-mails, messaging, data platforms, spreadsheets and combined them into one single interface, right out of the box. We've removed guesswork as part of your daily routine. One screen handles it all. Type in the candidate name or job name and relevant search results will be shown instantly.

Ctalk is a tool that happens to delight our recruiters and we will continue to evolve it to make your hiring experience even better.

Happy recruiting!