Effectively optimize your workflow with notifications

With so many transactions and feedback traffic that you get daily on the CBREX platform, it is important for our Clients and Sourcing Partners to stay focused and take timely action

Note that the notification experience is slightly different for our clients and sourcing partners. In this blog, we are going to discuss client specific notification panel.

We categorized notification panel into 3 tabs, namely:

1. Resume Chat
2. New Resume
3. Job Messages

Resume Chat

Resume chat shows any new updates for a particular Resume. With access to Ctalk chat, you will be able to communicate with the Job manager and the Sourcing Partner. Additionally, you will also see details like Candidate Data, Screening Questions, Candidate Attachments, Candidate Summary etc.

New Resume

Each time a new resume is uploaded for your Job posting, you will be notified in the New Resume Notifications panel. We show additional resumes too if the job has received more than one resume. All candidate-related details, Ctalk Resume chat, Resume, Job Details, and Candidate Pipeline are accessible on the same screen.

Job Messages

Job Messages are further classified in two sub-tabs, Ask CBREX and Job Updates. This classification ensures that all your Ask CBREX related conversations stay distinguished from Job Updates. All Job-related information like Ctalk Job Updates, Job Summary, Description, Client Description, Sourcing Guidelines, Reference Documents, and Candidate Pipeline is accessible on Job Updates. And converse with your Cbrex JM on Ask CBREX.

An important point to note here is that most transactions can be done on just the Notifications popup alone. That is, you no longer need to jump from screen to screen in order to stay updated. Sub-tabs like Read and Unread allow you to dismiss a read notification and/or retrieve a previously read notification. This experience is consistent on our soon-to-release mobile app too.