How an IT Services Company (1 Bn+) hired at scale within 45 days

About the Company
Our client delivers digital transformation and technology services enabling 2000+ global clients to outperform the competition. The company employs approximately 20,000+ employees with an annual revenue of 7000+ Crores INR (~1Bn USD)

The Challenge

The company came to CBREX with recruiting challenges specifically in hiring in niche skill areas, where the time to hire was unacceptably long and quality was suspect.

Adapting to CBREX
We on boarded the company’s team on to our platform and executed a 7-pronged strategy that delivered dramatic results in 45 days. We started by assigning a dedicated platform evangelist to handhold the company's recruitment team. Our team conducted the virtual training program to our client's recruitment team, so they can use the CBREX platform effectively. With the help of MIS reports, we were able to derive actionable insights to improve the performance of the recruitment program.

The Results

The company now shortlists 81 out of 100 resumes submitted by the Talent sourcing agencies on the platform. The company makes 25 offers per week, with a qualified processing pipeline of over 750 candidates at any given point in time.

It is important to know that the company hasn’t had to add to its recruitment team while dramatically scaling its output. CBREX is proud to be the company’s partner in Delivering Screened Talent at Scale.

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