7 tools to boost your work-from-home efficiency

Working from home could be challenging, that is why we have curated a list of tools which you can use to improve your productivity!

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1: Google Meet

Google meet is one of the best video conferencing tools you will ever need for your team meetings. It now comes with inbuilt noise cancellation and provides seamless user experience as it integrates with Google Suite of apps. Google Meet is free to use and you can add up to 100 people on a call at a time.

Bonus Tip: If you join Google Meet from your phone, you can even share your phone screen.

2: Slack

Slack can help you communicate across different teams, groups and co-workers instantly. You can create a channel for each team working on a different project and communicate within each channel without having to switch a lot of tabs or screens. It also comes with inbuilt voice & video call, Google Drive and 2000+ apps which can be integrated directly into Slack.

3: Trello

Trello is a tool you can use to track all your tasks in a Kanban board. You can arrange tasks in a specific list, define the assignee and even keep track of due dates and see the activity happening on a particular task. Trello comes with a lot of integrations as well to support other platforms you might have used in the past.

4: Fiverr

Running your company on reduced capacity and don’t know how to get all the creative work done? Well, we have Fiverr for the rescue! Fiverr.com is a website which helps you connect to a creative freelancer within your budget and time. It covers almost every creative work from logo design to creative writing. Definitely worth checking out if you can’t afford full-time designers! You can also try out Canva if you wish to make designs quickly with fewer efforts!

5: Todoist

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Todoist is one of the best apps we have seen to manage both official and personal tasks. It comes with easy to use interface, syncs to your phone, has built-in collaboration and also a dark mode (Who doesn’t love dark mode!). One of the biggest advantages is that it’s free to use, you won’t have to pay anything unless you need to manage over 80 projects! However, if you decide to go with the premium plan, it starts at $3/month.

6: Forest

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If you are someone who gets distracted very quickly by notifications or an urge to browse through Facebook or Instagram in the middle of the work, try out the Forest app. It helps you stay focused on your task. The ideal time suggested to stay focused on one task is 25 minutes, after which you can take a 5 minutes break and refocus again. Every time you start the timer to focus on your task, the app plants a virtual tree. If you try to open any other app while the tree is growing, the tree will be killed. It’s like a phone game that gives you time rather than taking it away!

7: Clockify
Clockify is one of the best, yet free app we came across to help you track your time. It helps track productivity, attendance, and billable hours with a simple time tracker and timesheet. You can add unlimited members and it is free to use — forever.

While we have listed all productivity tools above, don’t expect your life to change in one day. Some tools might work for you, some might not. Adapt to what works. Iterate and live life one day at a time.

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy” — Tim Ferriss