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era of remote work

where companies are more flexible than ever about where their people work from.

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In the old world, people moved to where jobs were located
In the new world, jobs are moving to where people are located

The way we work is evolving

Companies allow work from anywhere
Knowledge workers are working from anywhere
Futuristic companies 2x more likely to go remote from inception

Why hire remote?

Unavailability of quality talent driving companies to hire beyond local geographies
Top talent prefers to work from a location of their choice
Companies on an average saved $500 per employee per month on infrastructure by adopting work from anywhere/hybrid
Why India is one of the best places to employ remote talent?
Quality talent, at scale
Availability of high quality English speaking talent for a variety of roles & functions
Cost advantage
On an average, talent in India costs 5x lesser than in developed economies
Ease of doing business
India has one of the most stable labor laws and regulations
The Full-Stack Solution
Source Talent
Hire top quality pre-screened talent 5x faster
Augment teams
without establishing a local presence, for both contractors and FTEs
Manage workforce
Pay your remote teams and stay compliant with local regulations


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