Collaborate with the Recruiters Easily!

Imagine Saving hundreds of hours spent in trying to connect with multiple recruiters through multiple channels to fill the open requisitions. Ctalk makes it possible.

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The power of 5 tools in One.

A distinctive communication module, Ctalk, combines the power of Calls, Emails, Messaging, Data Platforms & Spreadsheets into one, and facilitates you to effectively manage a team of recruiters through a systematic end-to-end workflow and helps you fulfill open requisitions quickly. 


Systematic Workflow

Easily engage and manage multiple recruiters easily on a single platform.

Increase Hiring Process Velocity

Reduce the time spent on organizing data, and maximize your time to receive faster feedback on submitted profiles.

Earn Higher Payouts

Maximize your earning potential by getting more screening time and filling relevant open requisitions quickly.

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Listen to what our rockstar talent sourcing partner, Rishika, has to say about CTalk.

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