Accelerate your hiring.

1. CBREX is a B2B, online platform where curated talent sourcing firms fulfill open requisitions posted by enterprises.

2. The platform aggregates a large, ever evolving pool of reviewed and certified talent sourcing firms that compete to fulfill enterprises’ open requisitions

3. The work flow platform allows enterprise recruiters to engage with hundreds of talent sourcing firms to fill all their talent requirements – high volume, niche hard-to-fill but at a fraction of a time of what they spend today. An enterprise recruiter on the platform makes 30-50 offers a month.

4. CBREX’s machine learning algorithms dramatically reduce the time required to fill a requisition by routing it only to those firms most likely to fulfill.

5. The above combined with CBREX’s transparent process from on-boarding of bona fide firms, to setting up requisition screening criteria, to scoring submitted resumes for fit means that enterprises receive screened resumes at scale.

CBREX is built and run by recruitment industry veterans with combined experience of 100+ years and deep domain/industry experience spanning both talent sourcing firms and enterprises.
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    Workflow for Employers

    The job is posted or pulled from your ATS.

    We support all major ATSs.
    Machine Operator
    4 yrs exp
    Senior Sales Executive
    5+ yrs exp
    UI/UX Designer
    2 yrs exp
    Rocket Fuel Scientist
    10+ yrs exp

    AI Engine matches the right set of Agencies to fill each job

    Agencies accept or reject the offer to work on the matched jobs
    CBREX's robot named Coco uses Machine Learning to assign a job to the right recruiting firms, out of thousands.

    Agencies source, screen and upload suitable profiles for each job

    System does another level of screening based on job guidelines

    Use Ctalk to engage with the best talent sourcing firms

    Review screened resumes, provide feedback & schedule interviews from one screen
    Anna Jones
    2 yrs exp
    Rachna Dhingra
    4+ yrs exp
    Eric Bachman
    3 yrs exp
    Jian Yang
    5 yrs exp

    Client pays CBREX the commission agreed*

    *upon the Candidate's joining
    Anna Jones
    01 - Interview
    Anna Jones
    02 - Selected
    Anna Jones
    03 - Joined
    Payment to CBREX