Few queries we get asked by Employers

What is CBREX?

CBREX is the worlds largest sourcing engine for screened talent

How does CBREX work?

See our entire workflow here

How is it different from a Recruitment firm?

CBREX gives you access to recruiters across the world with experience in hiring across multiple domains and vast skillsets, whereas with a single recruitment firm, you have to deal with limited experience across domains and skills!

Is CBREX a job board or an ATS?

CBREX is neither a job board nor an ATS. CBREX is a B2B hiring platform that aggregates, curates, and helps corporates engage with recruitment firms globally

How can my company benefit by using CBREX?

See an entire list of benefits here

What type of Jobs can we post on CBREX?

1. Full-Time hiring and Executive Search
2. Across any domain
3. Multi-country

How many jobs can I post on CBREX?

There is no limit on this. This is a discussion that you will have with either the salesperson or the relationship manager at CBREX who handles your account.

How does CBREX help increase my efficiency in hiring?

CBREX has built the most scalable vendor engagement platform, enabling lower resume screening time, increase in internal recruiter productivity and fill ratios and reducing the overall time to fill.

What is the process of verifying sourcing partners?

When a sourcing partner signs up, CBREX conducts an in-depth Social Media footprint check. CBREX Onboarding Team also checks for the Registration documents in some cases to ensure that the person who has signed up is not a part-time recruiter but runs his or her own recruiting firm.

How are recruitment agencies mapped to jobs?

Our AI engine matches your job to the right set of agencies based on their skill specialization and performance.

How many sourcing partners work on a requirement?

This is dependent on the volume, seniority, and complexity of the job

How do I engage with Sourcing Partners?

Use our 5-in-1 engagement tool Ctalk to engage with Agencies, manage data, screen profiles & interview candidates. Get support from your Relationship Manager on a need basis.

How is the quality of Resumes monitored?

CBREX ensures high-quality resume submissions by mapping your jobs to specialized Agencies only. CBREX also has in-built screening tools that ensure higher fill ratios.

Does CBREX charge a fee? What is the payment model?

Fees are payable once the candidate is selected and joins the place of work. Before the start of the engagement, the company would sign a contract with CBREX in which the commission rates would be frozen and CBREX would raise an invoice based on that.

Can I integrate my existing ATS with CBREX?

Yes. This is possible.

How do I get started?

It's super easy, Click here to sign up

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