We are a core team of recruiting experts in sync with tech, product and design.

CBREX is built and run by a team of recruitment industry veterans with a combined experience of over 100 years. The team brings to table deep domain/industry experience that underpins CBREX’s understanding of the requirements of both talent sourcing firms and enterprises.

“On May 21, 2018, when I met with Gautam Sinha, I made the best decision to join CBREX. CBREX enables its team by giving individuals the freedom and flexibility to work, bringing out their highest potential. Working here is dynamic and challenging and is for someone who is open to learning and growing and not for anyone who wants to get comfortable. Over the last year, I have gained a real-time understanding of organizational issues, visioning and how companies make management and strategic decisions, and the importance of getting talent on board as a part of their growth plans… the kind of exposure, which I don’t think I would have had elsewhere. Today, I am much more aware of my own strengths and limitations and a lot more confident and would be able to take on any kind of problem thrown at me.”

Sanjeevani Keshav
Director growth (India & SE Asia)

“In the two years that I have worked at CBREX, I’ve had just so much to learn. While I am an operations analyst, I have hands-on experience with stakeholder management, recruitment, dealing with large volumes of events...My experiences here have molded me into becoming much more confident and a lot more reflective rather than reactive. I’ve also through experience learnt to navigate difficult situations without in any way compromising on values and that to me is foundational to the kind of person I am becoming.”

Mohammed Sarvar
Operations Analyst

“Even though I have worked in the recruitment industry for a number of years, I’ve had a very steep learning curve over the last 9 months since I joined CBREX. Today, I am taking the lead on supplier management, client management, hiring for super niche skills, and managing a scale of recruitment, which I never imagined I could do. What I love most about working at CBREX are the dynamic teams and the amazing work culture. Everyone here is passionate and professional about their work and share a great camaraderie that makes the whole experience enjoyable. Personally, I’m also inspired to and constantly challenge myself to think out of the box. The hiring platform itself is also mind-blowing given that it engages vendors and clients from across the world, something that takes recruitment to the next level.”

Sushma Bhat
Operations Lead

“I started out as an intern at CBREX during my third year of engineering and have been here ever since. I’ve had just so much to learn over the last three years, from AI, Web Development, Full Stack… It’s unlikely that I would have had this kind of exposure in my first job anywhere else. Moreover, the flexibility to work at my own time with a fantastic team including the opportunity to work with the founders themselves has molded me personally. I find myself much more disciplined, someone who thinks out of the box and thinks bigger picture and this is a solid foundation for my professional career. I wouldn’t trade any of this for twice the pay."

Ishaan Abhinav
UI Engineer