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CBREX Platform helps you improve your productivity by finding your niche, and facilitates filling open requisitions from premier companies easily.

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Here, Meet Coco!

CBREX's curation engine, Coco, matches you with the open requisitions based on your specialization. As a talent sourcing firm, all you need to do is sign up and improve your performance by filling out open requisitions that best fit your talent. Establish and strengthen your credentials as a specialist for a set of skill domains to secure relevant open requisitions and increase your pay-outs.

Steps to Improve Your Performance on CBREX!

Upload qualified resumes per month and submit resumes quickly after accepting the job vacancy

Maintain >70% RSR by sticking to the 'Sourcing Guidelines' shared by the client.

Develop your specialization by screening talent and submitting applications for the open requisitions that best fit your talent.

Enjoy the Benefits!

Save Time

Save your time & effort by getting matched to the open requisitions youare most likely to fulfil.

Make Money

Develop specialization for a specific skill set and earn higher payouts by filling those requisitions easily.

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