Jobs Page

The Jobs tab contains three subtabs: Accepted Jobs, Mapped Jobs, and Live Positions.

 To view all of your assignments, go to the Jobs tab and then the Mapped Jobs tab.


You can accept or reject a job by clicking on it and reading the detailed job description.

To see more information, use the down arrow.

Accept or reject the jobs according to your preferences by clicking the Accept/Reject button.

You can also communicate with the respective CBREX SPOCs via Ctalk Ask CBREX and view important job updates via the Ctalk Job Updates tab.

Please keep in mind that you can only see the basic details of a job; once you accept a requirement, you will be able to see more details such as sourcing guidelines, screening questions, attachments, and so on that will help you source more effectively.

Please check all the details after accepting a job by clicking on the Accepted Jobs Tab and then the Job Title.

All of the jobs that have been posted on the platform will be displayed in the Live Positions Tab. Each job card contains all of the information you need to know before starting work, such as the SP payout, Job Details, and so on.


You can use the available filters and then click Map me/Request Map to be mapped to any job for which you want to source.



You can also look for a job by its Job title or ID by entering it into the Search box here.