When you log in, you'll see the Dashboard tab, which displays a summary of all your platform transactions. To add Team members, go to the Team tab.

Please click on Add Member

Enter your team member's information.

If you want to hide commission from your team members, toggle the Hide Commission toggle to Yes and then click Add Member.

Now that you've added a team member or members, you'll have access to the Admin View, where you can assign Jobs that you've accepted to your team members.

On the Admin View Dashboard tab, you can see a summary of your entire team's transactions for the previous six months.

On the same tab, you could also view the Recent Activity and Recruiter Wise data.

The jobs tab in the Admin View displays all of the requirements accepted by you or your team members, and you can assign/reassign the jobs using the dropdown that displays the names of the recruiters you added.

Click on Download against a specific role to view a report that includes all submissions for that specific requirement.