Experience Matters

CBREX is built and run by recruitment industry veterans with combined experience of 100+ years who have in-depth experience and considerable knowledge of the recruiting cycle.


Founders with deep recruitment domain experience and expertise

The team brings to the table deep domain/industry experience that underpins CBREX’s understanding of the requirements of both Talent Sourcing Firms and Enterprises.

Single Platform for Collaboration with Talent Sourcing Firms

CBREX provides a single platform where an Enterprises collaborate with Rated and Specialist Talent Sourcing Firms to hire Top Talent anywhere in the world.

Time Saving

CBREX provides Enterprises with a single interface that can provide them with adequate candidates for all their requirements and they don't have to spend time over irrelevant resumes.

Build a Healthy Talent Pipeline

CBREX ensures that Enterprises attract, hire, and retain the best employees, while growing a strong talent pipeline.

Utilize technology to streamline your recruiting process

Leveraging technology to streamline the recruiting process and allow Enterprises to score candidates against different criteria will help focus efforts on what talent can really drive business forward today, and in the years to come.

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