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Winds Of Change


The recruitment industry is experiencing massive changes since the pandemic making it nearly unrecognisable. Over the last 20 months the scale of hiring has grown exponentially. Geographical boundaries on the other hand are getting blurred out. In the second of his three part series, Rawlings underscores the need for filling candidate pipelines at a rapid pace. He also underscores the need to look for talent beyond geographies.

In today’s candidate driven market, filling a pipeline is no easy task. He illustrates for example that “most professionals in tech are getting 10-15 recruiter touches each week”. Building this scale with traditional scouring methods is nearly impossible. If however, a recruiter were to turn to tech-based recruitment platforms such as CBREX, he/she would be able to maintain the talent pipelines. We know from experience that offers can be quadrupled without hiring more recruiters.

Work from home or hybrid working models is the other big shift. It is encouraging companies to look for talent beyond the big cities or even across countries. These have now become mainstream and are likely to stay for multiple reasons including reduced costs, improved productivity etc. As far as the recruiter is concerned though, this is a challenge. Tools including job boards are not designed to scour for talent from across geographies.

What talent acquisition heads or recruitment firms can do is leverage CBREX’s business development efforts to reach an ever expanding pool of firms with demonstrable success hiring across skill sets and multiple geographies. It is possible for firms to easily engage with a long tail of talent sourcing firms with validated and bona fide credentials. Moreover, this can be achieved with the logistical ease of a single contract and single invoice. This might just be a recruiter’s dream come true.

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