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Key transfomations that demand the attention of Talent Acquisition Professionals are:
New skill sets: Manufacturing is generating fresh opportunities for skilled workers in machinery operation, software development, data analysis, and AI, while also necessitating skill upgrades for existing roles like production workers and engineers. Job postings in AI have surged by nearly 250% between July 2021 and July 2023.

The surge in job opportunities extends beyond technical roles, as manufacturing recruiting gains prominence, emphasizing the importance of human resource expertise in identifying and acquiring top talent for the sector's diverse needs.
Soft skills assessment: In the era of manufacturing, soft skills are vital for effective human-machine collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving. Clear communication of technical ideas and creative problem-solving are essential for success in a tech-driven environment.
Tech-savvy talent: In manufacturing, hiring tech-savvy, adaptable talent is crucial for success. Talent Acquisition should look for those who excel in tech and adapt easily, as this is key to staying competitive.
The aging population is resulting in an increased demand for healthcare services. Currently, the United States has the highest number of Americans over the age of 65 than at any other time in history.
The nursing profession is facing the challenge of ‘The Great Resignation’. The shortage may worsen in part due to who exactly is leaving the profession. According to US News, the number of nurses between the age of 25 to 34 that accounted for the highest share by age group in 2019 declined by 5.2% between May 2020 and May 2021.
Nurse burnout because of high levels of stress, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction among nurses is a major challenge resulting in them leaving the profession or reducing their working hours.

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In the world of manufacturing, hiring the right talent can be challenging due to skill gaps and the need for tech-savvy recruitment. CBREX understands these changes and offers a solution that connects you with specialized recruiting firms and keeps you competitive. With over 4000+ verified recruiting firms in our network, you can find the best candidates, and our pay-when-you-hire model saves you time and money. Our AI technology helps you source top-tier tech talent effortlessly. Join CBREX today to simplify manufacturing hiring.

Manufacturing Roles on CBREX Marketplace

  • Production Planner
  • DPI Manufacturing Operator
  • Production Supervisor
  • QA Manufacturing Inspector
  • Welder
  • Industrial Electrician
  • NDT ( Non-Destructive Testing) Instructor
  • Millwright

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Collaboration with staffing agencies is easy, quick, and effective with CTalk, our in-built powerful vendor engagement tool. CTalk centralizes communication with the vendors, allowing you to pass on quick feedback on candidate profiles, solve any queries on candidates instantly, and swiftly move the candidates in the pipeline.
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Agency Analytics

Get valuable insights into agency performance on key metrics such as resume quality, submission time, and selection ratio by utilizing vendor management system software to enable data-driven decisions to optimize the recruitment processes.
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Pipeline Analytics

Take your recruitment game to the next level with actionable intelligence on your candidate pipeline and workflow, and easily access essential dashboards and reports.
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