Global Recruiter Exchange

CBREX uses AI to connect employers to specialist recruiting firms, across the globe.

Source For Global Jobs.

Employers receive lightning fast resumes.

CBREX doesn't charge any fee to sign up, post jobs or send resumes for these jobs.

Integrated with leading ATS's


USA India Ireland Germany Cyprus Singapore Qatar United Arab Emirates China Malaysia Nigeria Spain Japan Romania United Kingdom Brazil Australia

Global spread of member and job base

Members Onboarded

4527 Recruiting Members Empanelled



Decrease your time to hire

Work with specialist recruiters based in various parts of the world

Benefit from a perpetually optimised and ATS integrated Vendor Management System (VMS) driven by machine learning


Recruiting Firms

Source candidates for the biggest hirers in the world

Build skill/location specialisation and make 30-40% more placements in a year

Earn without leaving your office/home

Why should employers come onboard?

CBREX is ATS Compatible

CBREX is integrated with 5 of the world's leading ATSs. If you are using an ATS that is not a part of these 5, new ATS can be integrated.

Single Contract

Each customer has ONE contract with CBREX that allows it to deal with ALL the recruiting vendors on the platform.

Vendor Analytics

Our customized dashboards allow an analysis of all vendor data in ONE snapshot ensuring complete transparency in vendor selection and utilization.

Seamless Supply Chain

Integrating a resume from source to offer gives our customers a seamless resume sourcing supply chain.


Now powered by AI

A machine learning environment that matches
a job to the right specialist recruiting firm

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