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Hi, I am a Recruiter Mapping bot

I use Machine Learning to assign a job to
the right recruiting firms, out of thousands.

My day goes watching which Skill and Location every recruiter is good at.
And assign similar jobs to make them more efficient.

Our members have placed candidates
across 17 countries

USA India Ireland Germany Cyprus Singapore Qatar United Arab Emirates China Malaysia Nigeria Spain Japan Romania United Kingdom Brazil Australia

Perm, Contract and Search

Global VMS

ATS Compatible

How does it work for Employers?

Register to receive a call by a Relationship Manager

Start posting Job Descriptions with the Commission offered

CBREX platform assigns most specialized vendors out of 4,000+

The specialized vendors share Candidate Profiles over the platform

Screen the Candidates, with vendor's help for Interview Scheduling

Pay via CBREX only upon the Candidate joining the position

Have an ATS? We are compatible!

CBREX is integrated with the world's leading ATSs. And integration with new ones is a matter of days.

Perm, Contract and Search

No Sales Effort

Client ATS Integrated

How does it work for Recruiting Firms?

Register to receive a call by a Relationship Manager

The Onboarding team provides a demo and instructions

Accept or Reject jobs assigned (based on your past performance), or Search yourself

Upload relevant Candidate Profiles on CBREX, which forwards them to the Client’s ATS

Clients screen the Candidates, and schedules interviews with the recruiter’s help

Receive payment via CBREX upon the Candidate joining the position

Good at Sales? CBREX can help source!

If you have business development capabilities to acquire hiring clients, we can take care of the sourcing.