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112145 - Java with Microservice Developer
120333 - Digital Enterprise Architect
120726 - Project Management
119087- Java and J2EE technologies SOAP-Development
120373 - EAI -Micro Services



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CBREX is an Online exchange for the buyers and suppliers of Talent. It works like a global marketplace for Recruiters.
The CBREX exchange has 2 players a demand recruiter or DR and a supply recruiter or SR . The entity/person that posts a job is called a DR or a Demand Recruiter and the person/entity that sources the candidate for that job is called an SR or a Supply Recruiter.
1. Contract Or Perm jobs are posted on CBREX with the job poster clearly specifying the price that he or she wants to pay the supplier for sourcing candidates for that job.
2. These are then matched through its proprietary matching algorithm to supplier firms from across the world.
3. Based on their acceptance or rejection , these suppliers are then connected to the poster of the job through a messaging application which allows them to send resumes for that job and also communicate with the DR or job poster.
4. Once the job gets closed the person/firm/company who has posted the job pays out the Fee that has been set for the job to CBREX , and CBREX then pays the supplier.
If you are a DR then you will be the one paying out and you do this by specifying the exact amount that you would payout for the job. This would be the invoice that CBREX would raise on your once the job gets successfully closed.
If you are a SR then you would see the amount that is payable to you next to each job under "supplier commission" . This would be the amount that you would raise as an invoice to CBREX once a candidate sourced by is hired.
So the payment loop works as DR===>CBREX=====>SR
CBREX members can be based ANYWHERE in the world. The counter on our home page will give the exact number of countries that we operate it.
This question is relevant only for the supply side member. In case a demand side member defaults and does NOT pay the exchange the value that is specified for the job, CBREX will still GUARANTEE a payment to the supply side member. So if a candidate sourced by a member ends up reporting for work at the client site , the member will get paid their share of the commission/fee and this is a CBREX guarantee.
The biggest reason is not honoring your financial commitment i.e. not sharing the commission/fee with the exchange and the supply recruiter post the candidate joining the client. We advice each member to read the agreement that enables a member to go live on the exchange carefully as that also lists down in detail the expected behavior of each member. As we are creating an entire eco system of people in the global recruiting fraternity , we are committed to establishing and following transparency in transactions with all our members and we expect our members to do the same.


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