Hiring Connections made right.

Using AI to connect employers to specialist recruiting Firms.

  • Employers - Decrease time to receive resumes.
  • Recruiting Firms - Decrease time to source resumes.

Integrated with leading ATSs

Hiring Connections made right.

Using AI to connect employers to specialist recruiting Firms.

Integrated with leading ATSs

ATS Compatible
Single Contract
Vendor Analytics
Seamless Supply Chain

Trusted by 4179 Recruiters across 94 Countries.

for Recruiting Firms
for Employers
Source candidates for the biggest hirers in the world

Build skill/location specialisation and make 30-40% more placements in a year

Earn without leaving your office/home
Decrease your time to hire.

Work with specialist recruiters based in various parts of the world.

Benefit from a perpetually optimised and ATS integrated Vendor Management System (VMS) driven by machine learning.
CBREX is powered by AI
A machine learning environment that matches
a job to the right specialist recruiting firm

Domains of supplier firms on the platform

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