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With access to worldwide requirements, a fully digital workflow, and enhanced expertise, CBREX’s platform streamlines the candidate hiring process for Recruitment Agencies without the need for an on-site office or the difficulties associated with agency empanelment.

Features to add ease to your complete journey


CTalk, combines the power of 5 tools (telephone, email, messaging, data platforms, and spreadsheets) into one single powerful integrated communication tool, making collaboration with Client Recruiters easy, quick and effective.

CBREX Academy

A handpicked library of resources including workflow optimisations and best practices for recruitment agencies.

Hot Jobs

Discover which urgent and in-demand jobs need immediate attention and how many resumes it takes to fill them.


The mobile application makes it easier for Recruitment Agencies and Client Recruiters to interact and collaborate seamlessly. Get critical alerts and resume status updates instantly, job updates on the go and chat seamlessly on the go with CTalk.

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CBREX services that help you excel

Close high-value positions
Multiply your earnings by 2-10x
Expand client base
Reach and work with premier companies across industries and geographies without any Sales effort.
No Agency Empanelment
Zero effort on vendor empanelment and contract negotiations.
Source globally
Full-time and Search jobs, from across the globe, on one platform
Improve Productivity
End to end workflow to effectively manage and collaborate with a team of recruiters using CTalk
Validated Open Reqs
Spend time on sourcing rather than worrying about genuine and valid open requisitions

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Few queries we get asked by recruiting agencies

How does CBREX work?

CBREX is a B2B hiring platform on which corporates post jobs from across the globe. Recruiters can fill these jobs and earn a commission for each successful hire. Registration is free.

What type of Recruiters can sign up on CBREX?

Recruitment / Staffing / Executive Search Agencies or Self employed recruiters can sign up on CBREX. Please note, individuals currently employed with a recruiting firm should use their official Email ID to sign up on the platform. CBREX will not validate accounts of people who are employed in an agency or corporates and wish to use their personal email ID’s to transact.

What are the benefits for me as a Sourcing Partner on CBREX?

- Access global requirements without an on-site office
- No Sales or Business Development overheads
- No agency empanelment and contract hurdles
- End-to-end digital workflow with the Client Recruiters
- Access to in-built system alerts and analytics
- Increased specialization as similar roles are assigned
- Higher recruiter efficiency & savings

What type of requirements can I work on?

CBREX enables you to work on any requirement world-wide, based on skills and expertise. You do not have to be based in a particular country/region to work on a requirement from that country/region. For example, a recruiter in India can place a candidate in the USA even if he/she is not based in the USA. Similarly a recruiter based in the Philippines can place a candidate for a job based in the Netherlands.

Does CBREX charge any fees from the Agencies?

CBREX does not charge its Sourcing Partners any fees or subscription

Will there be anyone to assist me on CBREX?

We have a Quickstart Guide available on the platform once you have signed up, and there is a dedicated Technical Support team available for assistance.

Who owns the resume of the candidate posted on CBREX?

The “ownership” of the resumes remains with the company/entity which has uploaded the resume on the platform for as long as the job is open on the platform. Once the job is closed, the resume gets purged from the system after a specified period.

On an average, how many agencies work on a requirement at the same time?

This would depend on variables such as job type, number of positions, hiring criticality and location of the Job posting.

When do I get paid?

All invoices are raised only post candidate joining the Client Recruiter's organization. You will get paid as per the payment terms specified in the Job Details section of the job. Please note that each job may have different payment terms.

What is the mode of Payment?

The mode of payment is Bank Transfer.

Being a Self Employed Recruiter, will I get the payment in my Personal account?

Yes, the payment can be made to your personal account.

Does CBREX assist in buying job board logins / Linkedin subscriptions at a subsidized rate?

As of now, CBREX does not provide a database to its sourcing partners or assist in buying job board subscriptions
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