CBREX was launched in early 2016. The idea was to create a single talent marketplace platform where the corporate demand for talent could be met by qualified agencies. A single global market would enable both sides of the equation i.e demand and supply achieve optimal results.

Our Purpose

To build products that make work inspiring

Our mission

To be the world’s largest VMS Powered Agency Marketplace

Our Journey of Creating the Best Hiring Platform

The Launch (2016-2018)
Figuring it out
We launched CBREX talent marketplace platform in mid-2016, built by a core team of recruiting experts in collaboration with tech, product, and design geeks. Like most startups, we struggled for the first 30 months, meandering and pivoting to our current business model by the end of 2018.

This period often referred to as the "graveyard years," is notoriously difficult for startups and can be a make-or-break period for companies. CBREX was no exception. We were burning cash, making little or no money, and being dependent on diluting equity to survive, essentially selling the future as we had nothing to show for the present.
Average revenue booking in this 24-month period: $8K/month
Phase 1 (2018-2020)
Finding the Product / Market fit
Despite past challenges our successes started to outweigh our failures. We finally figured out what sells and started to build our team. 70% of our current team joined us in this period. In terms of revenue, 2019 was an inflection point (3x growth)We achieved product-market fit in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 and have been growing rapidly since then, acquiring customers at a rapid pace and growing 5 times in 2020 alone. We are proud of our growth and believe that we are making a positive impact on the world of hiring by making the process more enjoyable for all parties involved.
Average revenue booking in this 24 months period — $28K/month
Phase 2 (2020 - 2022)
Hitting the J Curve
We hit the coveted J-Curve towards the end of 2020. All the constituents of our engine - sales, product, operations, marketing, finance, engineering, HR, and strategy started to get aligned. 70% of our current team are now direct shareholders in the company, making us a unique experiment in entrepreneurship. The average transactions per month on CBREX's recruitment marketplace grew as much as 6 times as compared to the previous 4 years, indicating a 567% growth. To all our partners and customers, a big thank you for trusting us!
Average revenue booking in this 24 months period — $80K/month
Current Phase
We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully closed a $3M pre-series A funding round, led by Waterbridge Ventures. This funding will be used to advance our mission of hiring anyone, anywhere.
Their investment is a testament to the progress we have made and the potential we see for our company. We are excited to work with them and continue to grow and improve our business.
With this injection of capital, we will be able to expand our AI-driven matching algorithm, which allows us to match recruitment agencies with the most suitable job opportunities, and to expand our product offerings to better serve our clients.

CBREX is all about the people 

Leadership Team
Gautam Sinha
Sanjeev Punwani
Karunjay Anand
Divya Chetan
Brad Turner
Cincy Alexander
Namratha Rao
Ravi Jodidar
Yogesh Bothra
Sushma Bhat

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We at CBREX are creating an impact

CBREX was founded and run by a team of recruitment industry veterans with a combined experience of over 100 years. The team's extensive subject and industry knowledge underlies CBREX's understanding of the needs of both Client Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies.
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