Maximize revenue by sourcing superior candidates for your Staffing, RPO, and MSP programs. Elevate your recruitment game today!

How CBREX Recruitment Software work for Channel Partners

CBREX  Recruitment Software provides you with an extensive network of specialized recruiters to expedite the submittal process, resulting in an improved fill ratio for contract staffing and full-time job placements. Avoid any hiring delays and optimize your recruitment process, with CBREX.

Features to add ease to your complete journey


CTalk, combines the power of 5 tools (telephone, email, messaging, data platforms, and spreadsheets) into one powerful integrated communication tool, making collaboration between Client Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies easy, quick and effective.

Customer-wise Analytics

Get valuable insights into customers on key metrics such as job opening quality, chatter rate, status change and candidate feedback, to enable data-driven decisions to optimize the recruitment processes


With CBREX's automated invoicing system, stay on top of candidate invoices and payments with ease, ensuring accurate financial records every time

Customers love CBREX

"CBREX recruiter marketplace has helped us hire talent for our QA, QC and R&D setup successfully over the past years. They have a twin advantage of speed and cost competitiveness without compromising on the quality of candidates. We continue to expand our partnership as we grow!"
Akhil Dave
Head HR
"Our experience working with CBREX has been smooth and pleasant. The team has been very professional and communicated well throughout the recruitment process. We have had some great hires and wish the team our very best as they look at growing and expanding further."
Sumitha Paul
Human Resources Manager
“The CBREX platform has enabled us to hire scientists for several R&D roles at our Long Island (NY) facility at very cost effective rates.  The platform is easy to use and gives us a “one-stop-shop” to post a variety of positions across all levels, functions, skills, and experience.  Many of the positions have been hard-to-fill roles that required significant recruitment efforts.  CBREX has proven to be a reliable partner to support our talent sourcing needs.”
DeVaughn Stephens
Associate Director and Head of Human Resources
“We always and only want the best candidates to be hired. CBREX curation backed with machine-driven resume screening has helped us in removing unproductive labor-intensive manual processes and make faster and better hiring decisions with CBREX platform. Spending 45-60 mins a day on the CBREX platform enabled a recruiter in our company to hire quality candidates in a very niche skill area.”
Syed Khan
Associate Vice President & Head TA
"CBREX provides us an excellent solution in hiring - time efficient and with a reasonable cost. I strongly believe It is beneficial for us that we have a provider like CBREX in Japan market who always try to meet our needs with a unique approach."
Masaru Takano
Senior Director of Finance

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