Access the world's largest recruiting firm marketplace:
  • Post jobs at 35-50% of the commission that you receive from your clients
  • Receive qualified candidates fast
  • Pay when they start ‍

How CBREX works for Channel Partners

CBREX  Recruitment Software provides you with an extensive network of specialized recruiters to expedite the submittal process, resulting in an improved fill ratio for contract staffing and full-time job placements. Avoid any hiring delays and optimize your recruitment process, with CBREX.

Fulfill Client Positions Faster With CBREX!

CBREX, the world's largest B2B talent marketplace, streamlines candidate searches by connecting you to verified remote recruiting firms. This enhances your hiring process while reducing costs.
On CBREX, you can:
  • Expand your workload without adding staff or infrastructure.
  • Leverage specialized recruiting firms for non-expertise roles.
  • Efficiently manage jobs and vendors on a single platform.
  • Access customer-specific analytics.
  • Simplify your payment process with a single contract and invoice.

Features to add ease to your complete journey


CTalk, combines the power of 5 tools (telephone, email, messaging, data platforms, and spreadsheets) into one powerful integrated communication tool, making collaboration between Client Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies easy, quick and effective.

Customer-wise Analytics

Get valuable insights into customers on key metrics such as job opening quality, chatter rate, status change and candidate feedback, to enable data-driven decisions to optimize the recruitment processes


With CBREX's automated invoicing system, stay on top of candidate invoices and payments with ease, ensuring accurate financial records every time

Channel Partners Love CBREX

Shree Kumar
Talent Advisor/Scout

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Few queries we get asked by channel partners

What type of positions do CBREX marketplace suppliers support?

Our marketplace of suppliers primarily supports full-time positions

Who manages client relationships?

Our Channel Partners continue to front-end relationships with clients while CBREX enables our channel partners to engage with cross-border recruiting firms. Think of this like your own back office where the recruiting firms are actually working for you 24x7!

When and whom do I have to pay?

There is no upfront fee for signing up as a Channel Partner. You pay a commission to CBREX only when the recruiting firm listed on the marketplace helps you place a candidate for your client.

How will I deal with so many recruiting firms on CBREX?

Our machine learning also curates the right recruiting firm for the job position you post. For any given position, you are likely to end up engaging about 5-6 recruiting firms.

How does CBREX help increase my efficiency in hiring?

CBREX has built the most scalable recruiting firm engagement platform, enabling lower resume screening time, increased internal recruiter productivity and fill ratios, and reduced the overall time to fill.

How do I engage with Sourcing Partners?

Use our 5-in-1 engagement tool CTalk to engage with recruiting firms, manage data, screen profiles & interview candidates. Get support from your Customer Success Manager on a need basis.

How is the quality of Resumes monitored?

CBREX ensures high-quality resume submissions by mapping your jobs to specialized Agencies only. CBREX also has in-built screening tools that ensure higher fill ratios.

Will there be anyone to assist me on CBREX?

After you have signed up, we have a dedicated Customer Success Manager available for assistance.
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