February 27, 2023

5 Recruitment Strategies To Attract The Best Talent

Attracting top talent is the key to the success of any organization. No one understands this better than small and mid-sized enterprises that work extremely hard to attract these top talent who want to work with top companies. Big companies have employed the right mix of strategies and tactics which have stood the test of time and have over time mastered the art of attracting and retaining the top talent. However if you are a company not yet in the TAANG league, here are some effective ways to do it. So, let's get started and bring in those A-players!

#1 Improved Employer Branding

Candidates are on a constant lookout for the best opportunities in the best companies. Before applying/accepting any open position, the candidates will thoroughly review your company website, check competitor companies, and take the opinions of friends and colleagues. They will invariably choose companies that offer the best candidate experience in terms of flexible work hours, positive culture, and opportunities for growth.

When building your employer brand, consider the possible ways of showcasing the best work culture, frame attractive compensation packages, an informative ‘About us’ page, and address FAQs. Ask your existing employees to leave a positive remark on review sites like Glassdoor, which generates the trust of potential candidates to apply more.

#2 Build an Employee Referral Program

What better way to attract top talent than getting referred by your own employees? Hiring statistics for 2022 show that 82% of employers have adopted referrals as a vital part of their recruitment strategy because it has been proven to be a more profitable and cost-effective hiring method. Moreover, your existing employees would perfectly understand the type of employee you want to hire. This makes the employee referral program, one of the most effective recruitment strategies. Referrals work best for fulfilling:

  • Hard-to-fill/niche roles
  • Roles that need to be filled urgently

Be transparent about your referral program to your employees, and make sure you incentivize them for every successful hire to keep those referrals coming!

#3 Recruiting through Social Media

Statistics reveal that by 2030, 75% of the US workforce will be comprised of Millennials who are constantly engaging on social media. To hire top talent, you need to ask your HR teams to be highly active on these platforms searching for top talent and encouraging them to apply for open positions.

Using social media should not be restricted to searching for candidates alone, rather, the key lies in using it as a platform to advertise and brand your company in the best possible way. Therefore, while posting jobs on social media, do everything required to stand out from the crowd. Write in detail about your company and the benefits you offer, speak about how the role is important to the organization, mention who the hiring manager is so candidates can look them up on LinkedIn, and be transparent about the salary.

#4 Streamline Hiring Process

In this candidate-driven market, streamlining your hiring process is inevitable. Top talent values quick feedback and status updates on their candidature from potential employers. If not attended to quickly, good candidates may lose interest or may accept offers from other employers. Besides this, make sure that you reflect your brand values during the interview rounds. While you’re reviewing them in interviews, they are equally reviewing your company.

Streamlining your hiring process at every step is one of the important recruitment strategies to focus on. Consider using platforms like CBREX which not only improves your hiring team’s productivity but also expedites your end-to-end hiring process.

#5 Recruiting on Campus

Campus recruiting is one of the old yet effective recruitment strategies for hiring the best talent for your organization. Top companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley have been recruiting talent through campus drives every year.

Some of the best ways to attract top talent on campus are:

  • Providing internship opportunities
  • Sponsoring college events
  • College workshops

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