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Become A Champion Recruiter On CBREX


We know that all of you are at different stages of your recruitment journey! When you wait until you feel fully “ready,” you’re blocking yourself from real potential. Alina joined CBREX as a sourcing partner and got her first offer in just 24 days!

Alina is a wife, a mother of two and a passionate recruiter. She always keeps her priorities clear and when we asked her "How did she do it?", she told us "by being actively engaged!"

Furthermore, she doesn’t only keep an eye on her own goals, but she remains focused on helping the entire team achieve theirs. That means tapping into her natural recruiting ability, identifying and drawing upon the different strengths spread across the team.

Here are some tips which helped her succeed on the CBREX Platform:

  1. 25+ Qualified Resume Submissions per month
    Source for at least 3 Jobs across multiple clients per month (Except for International Jobs or jobs with an Annual Salary of above 50L INR)
  2. Resume Submission within 24-48 hours of Job Acceptance
    Respond to a query or request on Ctalk within 2 business hours.
  3. Maintaining >70% RSR by sticking to the "Sourcing Guidelines"
    Sourcing Guidelines are shared by the client
  4. Spending at least 1 hour on CBREX everyday

What is RSR and how is it calculated?
RSR is Resume Shortlist Ratio and is calculated by dividing CVs shortlisted at First level and Further (Resume Selected by Recruiter and Further) by CV Submissions (Excluding Duplicates & New Resumes). We recommend keeping your RSR above 70%, the same is shown on your dashboard.

How can you ensure a good RSR?

  1. Answer Screening questions properly
    Screening questions are a set of questions from the client to ensure best-fit candidates. It helps shortlist relevant candidates for a particular role.
  1. Validate Candidate Interest before submission
    A sourcing partner should always take candidate's consent and validate their interest before they submit their resume.
  2. Perform a thorough Candidate Hygiene check like Job Stability, Salary fitment, Qualification and so on.
    Before you upload your candidate's resume, learn more about your candidate's background. You should confirm the information provided on the resume uncover any potential issues. The goal is to make the best hiring decisions possible, so there's a higher chance of your candidate getting selected for further rounds.

Alina's first offer has not only given her the motivation to source for more jobs but it’s given her an immediate stream of income that she re-invests to learn more. Beyond that, first offer in just 1 month redefines what “being ready” really means. Ready doesn’t come from more time or planning. It comes from taking action.

We at CBREX, encourage you to follow the Success Mantras to increase your earning potential while revolutionizing the hiring industry! All the best!

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