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Being A Recruiter Rocks!


The global economy has crashed and industries world over are trying to pick themselves up from the rubble of a mess the pandemic has left us in. The same goes for the recruitment industry. Greg Savage rightly suggests that “recruiters across the world are burned and bruised by the past 18 months.”

This will not last for much longer. The hiring slump is beginning to turn upwards as things open up and companies look to grow and flourish. This is primarily because there is a dearth of skilled people and recruiters will become the necessary matchmakers.

If recruiters can stick it out, as Greg points out it’ll be worth it. For one, unlike any other industry. For a recruiter, it’s a win-win. When an individual is hired or promoted, it’s a win for the hiring company and the candidate and the recruiter. Everyone benefits from the transaction. Moreover, recruiters make a real difference by plugging the staffing issues companies face and enabling people to get jobs. Over time, recruiters can become trusted advisors and own their space in the industry.

However, the pain point for the recruitment industry is that it is fragmented. This is where recruitment platforms such as CBREX feature. CBREX, the first of its kind, enables recruiters to leverage the platform to reach an ever-expanding pool of enterprises across the world.

It is without a doubt that the ground below the recruitment industry is shifting. These transitions have been facilitated in part by the global pandemic. Recruitment platforms will take the lead in this new phase.

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