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CTalk- CBREX’s Flagship Communication System!


Combining the power of 7 tools - Screening, Scheduling, Feedback, Sharing, Retagging, Downloads & Chat - CTalk removes the hassle of using multiple tools talent acquisition tools and streamlines the end-to-end process.

With a simple yet powerful combination of multiple actions and important filters, CTalk automates what would generally take hours!While multiple tools connect with vendors and recruiters, CBREX’s real-time user availability status coupled with the platform-trained sourcing partners easily replace the emails, phones, and chats spread throughout the process.


CBREX’s Screening Questions can potentially replace hours and hours spent on candidate discovery and confirmation of the mandatory requisites needed in suitable candidates. With different formats of answers such as MCQs, checkboxes, Numbers, Dates, and Text, resume screening just became cooler! Not to forget, the “block” option available for every question is a simple but powerful option to further finetune the quality and volume.


While AI is the way forward, it is yet to beat the spontaneous and every learning coordination pattern between people. With this in mind, we have kept it simple!Client recruiters can share their available slots and vendors get notified about it With over 150+ top vendors active on the CBREX app, scheduling can be a breeze!


Name of the game is Feedback. Every single stakeholder wants feedback. CBREX has to enable customizable Candidate Status that updates stakeholders about the progress.

In addition to this, Upvotes & Downvotes play an important role in not only boosting vendors’ morale and guiding them in the right direction but also in strengthening the recruiter’s vendor pool by monitoring any repeat offenders.

Job Updates is another useful tool in their kit to broadcast common rejection reasons, selection patterns, and much more.


It was a surprise to find from our User Research about an unhealthy amount of recruiter’s time lost in just organizing, collating, and sharing candidate details and resumes with hiring managers. The ‘share with Hiring Manager’ feature has become one of the most sought-after in enterprises where speed is of the essence and recruiters need the hiring manager’s feedback to proceed.


While this feature has mainly benefitted over 200+ vendors, saved over 10 thousand minutes, and generated a growing number of 50+ offers, Retag has benefitted recruiters alike!

30+ recruiters utilizing this mindblowing simple yet useful feature to transfer candidates from one job to a more suitable one.


CTalk allows recruiters to download one or multiple candidates’ resumes at the same time.


Communication is and always will be a vital aspect of recruitment. CTalk enables a lightning-quick chat with the vendors with 150+ top vendors active on CBREX App.

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