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How Ctalk Makes Hiring A Pleasure


1. Less searching, more doing.

We've removed guesswork as part of your daily routine with our recruitment management system. One screen handles it all. Type in the candidate name or job name and relevant search results will be shown instantly. If required, drill down to their details or message the sourcing partner or change the resume status in a click.

2. Higher efficiency, delivered.

Speed is something we take seriously and we don't think one should jump from screen to screen to see a detailed view of their candidate or a job. Using our advanced recruitment management system, one screen has it all.

3. Switching from device to device, app to app is a thing of the past

We truly understand the pain of switching from app to app and device to device just to look for that one resume or a job. We couldn't be more excited about the revolution we're bringing to the hiring industry! Ctalk is a tool that happens to delight our recruiters and we will continue to evolve it to make your hiring experience even better.

There are many applications in the market that allow clients to manage sourcing partners, candidates, and jobs, but they are hardly scalable. CBREX is the first digital hiring solution that’s truly built for both sides of the hiring market: Clients and our beloved sourcing partners! Our sourcing partners get the same interface with a few tweaks to help them source better for the jobs you post.

Our master tool Ctalk is guaranteed to make your hiring a pleasure as we continue to deliver screened talent at scale.

Want to hire screened talent at scale while experiencing the power of Ctalk? Sign up at

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