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Quadrupling Talent Acquisition Efficiency


It is no secret that Talent Acquisition professionals are hard to come by, and good ones even more so. Over the last 18 months, there has been a huge loss of jobs globally, across sectors. This slump has turned into an upward spike where companies are seeing unprecedented hiring. Talent Acquisition folks are already finding it hard to keep pace and will find it increasingly difficult to fill positions unless their efficiency is dramatically improved using talent acquisition best practices

Recruitment inefficiencies creep in at all the stages to a lesser or greater degree. Time to source ---> Time to screen ---> Time to interview and assess ---> Time to roll out an offer.

However, tech-enabled recruitment platforms such as CBREX can dramatically improve offer and therefore closure rates.

Building a talent pipeline of relevant candidates takes up a major chunk of the timeline. In the current scenario, over 50% of candidates are found unsuitable. TA professionals who shifted onto the CBREX platform saw a major shift in the size of the candidate pool, number of relevant candidates and total offers being made, thanks to effective talent acquisition strategies.

CBREX’s machine learning algorithms and transparent process from on-boarding of bona fide firms, to setting up requisition screening criteria, to scoring submitted resumes for fit means that enterprises receive screened resumes at scale.

The tables below highlight how two TA professionals from the same company, hiring for niche and super-niche roles performed. Whereas TA-1was completely on CBREX, TA-2 was only so partially. Refer to the tables below.

The efficiencies, which are a result of getting onto the platform are evident. More specifically,

  • The total pool for TA-1 is significantly higher. 
  • The selection ratio for both TA-1 and 2 is significantly higher.
  • The number of offers made by TA-1 are 4x the number of offers made by TA-2. 

It is clear from our data that recruiter efficiency is upped by over 4x by getting onto the CBREX hiring management tool platform as opposed to just partially being on the platform. Talent Acquisition heads should shift onto the platform in order to keep up with the growing hiring demands. This works, the proof is in the pudding. 

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