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Resume Screening Revolution: Impact of Screening Questions


In today's fast-paced world, the efficiency of resume screening can make or break your recruitment process (but you know this!). With a lot of resume screening software available in the market, no doubt sifting through resumes has become far easier & efficient as compared to traditional ways of doing the job (like scrutinizing manually and scratching your head in frustration).

But how are you measuring the accuracy? What’s your resume-select ratio? These are some of the important metrics that you need to keep track of. In this article, I want to talk about a game-changing feature by CBREX that makes your resume screening faster, more reliable, and more efficient than any other software.

Introducing: Screening Questions! Let’s dig in.

What are Screening Questions?

Screening Questions(SQ) are like shortcuts for recruiters. As the name suggests, they're the questions that help recruiters in resume screening by quickly skimming through the relevant information in the resume.

Why Screening Questions, you ask?

Let's paint a picture here. Picture this: Your hiring manager swings by your desk and drops a quick brief about a new job opening. Then, they toss you this massive technical job description. Now, how do you tackle the pile of resumes that's about to flood your inbox? Easy! You've got those handy screening questions sitting right on top of that lengthy JD. They're like the cheat codes for finding the perfect candidate. Instead of wading through every line of the job description, you just focus on those key questions to zero in on the skills and qualifications you need. Makes life a whole lot simpler, doesn't it?

There’s more! Based on answers to these screening questions, a Fit Score is generated that gives recruiters an idea of how good the candidate is and how relevant the resume is to the open vacancy. Amazing, right?

Type of Screening Questions

Depending upon the type of position that needs to be filled, you can devise your Screening Questions.The CBREX platform facilitates different formats of the SQs including Multiple Choice, Short Text, Paragraph, Date, Drop Down, etc


1)  A recruiter from a leading network solutions company in India says:

    "SQs make it so much simpler to screen candidates without spending too much time on resumes."

2)  Independent recruiter empaneled on the CBREX platform says:

     "I prefer screening questions over JD or even sourcing guidelines since they help me shortlist candidates quickly and get exact matches.”

Sign up on the CBREX platform to see Screening Questions in action!

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