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How Recruiting firms can scale their business on CBREX without any additional business development cost


In the dynamic world of recruiting, staying ahead means embracing innovative platforms that redefine the traditional boundaries of talent acquisition. One such game-changer is CBREX, a revolutionary b2b talent marketplace that enables recruiting firms to scale their business without the burden of additional business development overhead.

As we delve into the intricacies of this digital platform, let's explore how CBREX is reshaping the recruiting landscape.

Global Access to Companies

The business development wing of recruiting firms is consistently seeking to expand their client base, involving significant business development costs. Recruiting firms empaneled on the CBREX B2B talent marketplace leverage CBREX’s business development efforts to reach an ever-expanding pool of enterprises with open requisitions across multiple industry verticals and geographies. Research indicates that businesses with diverse talent pools outperform their competitors, and CBREX talent sourcing marketplace allows recruiting firms to tap into this advantage.

The CBREX platform promotes cross-border recruitment by providing recruiting firms with opportunities to collaborate with premier companies globally, without incurring any additional business development costs. CBREX’s due diligence efforts also ensure that recruiting firms encounter only validated and bona fide requisitions posted on the platform by enterprises.

Attractive payouts

Due to broader access to global open requisitions, commissions on these jobs are quite attractive, boosting revenue for recruiting firms. CBREX’s machine learning-powered curation engine constantly monitors performance and expertise, ensuring that recruiting firms are matched with the right they can fulfill. Over time, recruiting firms can establish and strengthen their credentials as specialists in a set of skill domains, giving them an advantage in being mapped more quickly to open jobs.

Digital Engagement & Analytics

Widening client reach is one thing, streamlining your recruiting process is another. The CBREX platform helps recruiting firms save on huge recruitment costs by efficiently managing their recruiting process. The platform is equipped with powerful analytics that serve important metrics to recruiting firms which help them make data-driven decisions. It brings to notice any inefficiencies in the hiring process, performance of team members, real-time candidate status, etc. that recruiting firms can use to finetune their strategies for optimal results.

The CBREX talent marketplace platform also facilitates engaging digitally with the client recruiters on a single interface. This eliminates the need & cost involved with multiple communication tools, ensuring faster feedback on profiles submitted.

CBREX doesn't just connect recruiters with companies; it equips them with the tools to navigate the competitive terrain of talent acquisition successfully.

Hear from recruiters using the CBREX Platform

“I am having a great experience on the CBREX platform. I've been working on Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Healthcare positions in the USA and the outcomes I have seen are tremendous. I have been able to close various positions across different areas. The platform is equipped with great verified positions and the turnaround time is quick. The platform's remarkable user-friendliness and its exceptional features have been a standout for me. We continue to expand our partnership as we grow!”


Final Thoughts

The benefits of placing candidates through the CBREX platform don’t end here. Recruiting firms are leveraging the strengths of automation, business development efforts, and due diligence efforts to increase their revenue, scale their business and reduce hiring costs. Visit CBREX and learn more about how the platform works for recruiting firms.

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