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The Booming Healthcare Staffing Market in the USA: Opportunities Amidst Attrition and Supply Shortages


Staffing problems in healthcare continue to be a major challenge. The US healthcare staffing market has experienced substantial growth in recent years, driven by factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, an aging population, and increasing demand for healthcare services. Recruiters now have a unique opportunity to address the high attrition rates and supply shortages in nursing and other healthcare roles. This article explores the challenges of increased demand and lack of supply in the healthcare staffing market while discussing the potential for recruiters to capitalize on these healthcare staffing challenges.

The Healthcare Staffing Market Landscape

The healthcare staffing market in the United States has seen exponential growth, with the travel nurse segment witnessing a six-fold increase since 2019, and other segments such as locum tenens and allied healthcare roles also experiencing expansion. The Covid-19 pandemic also highlighted the importance of healthcare staff, putting immense pressure on health systems and exposing the existing gaps in the workforce.

According to the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the healthcare staffing sector soared to an estimated $64.4 billion in 2022, more than tripling it's size since 2019. A significant portion of the market, 63%, consists of the travel nurse segment, which has seen an impressive six-fold growth since 2019.

High Attrition in Nursing and Other Healthcare Roles

The healthcare industry is grappling with high attrition rates, primarily due to factors such as burnout, retirement, and high turnover. The nursing profession, in particular, has been severely affected, with many nurses leaving the profession due to increased workloads, emotional exhaustion, and workplace stress. Similarly, other healthcare roles, such as physicians and allied healthcare professionals also face workforce shortages and high attrition.

A recent survey of more than 18,000 nurses conducted by AMN Healthcare Services Inc revealed that 30% of respondents are considering leaving their careers, a 7 percent increase from 2021 when the pandemic-induced wave of resignations started. The survey also indicated only 36% of nurses intend to remain in the sector but may switch workplaces.

Opportunities for Recruiters

The current challenges in the healthcare staffing market present significant opportunities for recruiting firms. These firms can leverage their expertise and extensive talent pools to fill the requirements of healthcare facilities, helping to address staffing shortages and attrition. Some of the key opportunities for recruiters include:

  • Filling Temporary and Contract Positions – With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, recruiters can offer flexible and temporary contract options to healthcare facilities. This flexibility allows facilities to fill positions as needed, while also offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to work in various settings before committing to a full-time contract.

  • Addressing the Nursing Shortage – Recruiters can play a crucial role in addressing the nursing shortage by recruiting and retaining qualified nurses. By providing comprehensive support, such as ongoing education, competitive compensation, and work-life balance initiatives, recruiters can help attract and retain nurses in the profession.

  • Capitalizing on Locum Tenens and Allied Healthcare Roles – The growing demand for locum tenens and allied healthcare professionals presents a significant opportunity for recruiters. By building a robust talent pool and offering flexible placement options, recruiters can connect qualified professionals with healthcare facilities in need.

  • Leveraging Technology to Optimize Processes – Recruiters can adopt cutting-edge recruitment platforms and technologies to enhance the efficiency of recruitment, onboarding, and scheduling processes. This approach can assist healthcare facilities in locating appropriate candidates more effectively, ultimately addressing the industry's supply and demand imbalance. CBREX not only resolves this issue for healthcare facilities but also offers recruiters a consistent flow of well-qualified requirements to fulfill.

Final Thoughts

The healthcare staffing market in the United States is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and demand, with high attrition rates and a shortage of qualified professionals in nursing and other healthcare roles. Recruiters have a unique opportunity to address these healthcare staffing filling temporary positions, addressing the nursing shortage, and capitalizing on the growing demand for locum tenens and allied healthcare professionals. By leveraging technology like CBREX , and offering flexible work options, recruiters can help bridge the gap between supply and demand in the healthcare industry, ensuring that healthcare facilities continue to provide quality care to patients across the country.

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