Talent Trailblazers

Perm VMS: Revolutionizing Recruit Tech

Join us in this episode as we chat with Ravikanth Venkata Eranki, the Talent Acquisition Lead at Cargill, a $165 billion global giant. Discover how this industry leader took a bold step in revolutionizing vendor management by implementing Perm VMS.

Explore in this episode:

● Ravikanth's experience with CBREX's Perm VMS, how it has transformed Cargill's vendor management experience, automated operational tasks, and enhanced engagement with recruiting firms.

● Find out why Ravikanth believes that CBREX is the key to providing an exceptional experience for Cargill's vendors.

● Having witnessed the evolution of the TA space over the past two decades, Ravikanth also shares his insights on how a recruiter's role is transforming in the era of AI.