Talent Trailblazers
Episode 1

Successful leaders are great coaches

Join Gautam Sinha, our CEO, as he talks about the ups and downs of his life, what makes him tick and the extraordinary impact CBREX is likely to have on talent supply chains.

In this inspiring podcast, discover Gautam's journey as an entrepreneur and creator, traversing between the vibrant landscapes of NYC and Bangalore. Gain insights into his unwavering drive and delve into the world of creation and entrepreneurship.

Key take aways from this episode:

● Gain insights into Gautam's unique vision that could revolutionize B2B talent acquisition.

● How the startup world has changed since the mid 90s.

● Understand the differences between B2B talent acquisition and traditional methods.

● Learn valuable tips on pitching to early-stage investors and essential factors to consider.

● Uncover the secret ingredients for building enduring and successful companies.