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How Will New Age Vendor Management Systems (VMS) transform the talent supply chain?


According to a recent survey published by Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), global adoption of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) by companies with more than 1,000 employees has grown from just over 50% in 2009 to 80% in 2022, with an additional 17% of organizations likely to explore implementation within the next 2 years.

The VMS landscape has been constantly evolving over the last few years, with increased adoption in the post-Covid era. From merely being a software tool to source contingent workers through staffing agencies (vendors), to sourcing through service contracts (Statement of Work and Outsourced Services) to, more recently, supporting direct sourcing of contingent workers through company-specific attraction programs, VMS’s have come a long way.

Considering the global labor shortages and the need for companies to attract and retain talent, VMS’s of the future will play a strategic role in organizations using them not just tactically but as strategic tools to manage their entire talent supply chains.

In this article, we’ll look at how new-age VMS’s will transform talent sourcing and management.

Benefits of using a modern Vendor Management System

#1 Improves vendor management & engagement

VMS transforms the complex vendor management process into a more structured one, giving enterprises a complete overview of their vendor performance.

● Centralized platform:

New-age VMS’s provide a centralized platform for enterprises to manage their vendor relationships. This means that enterprises can easily compare vendor performance, track vendor history, and monitor vendor compliance in one place. Not just this, but new-age VMS’s like CBREX allow you to consolidate all your existing vendor pools onto the platform, providing a single interface to engage with your existing vendors digitally.

● Transparency through data-driven insights:

New-age vendor management systems provide enterprises with enhanced visibility into their entire contingent workforce, regardless of the worker type - including those working under a Statement of Work (SOW) or on a project basis. These data-driven insights also help you make informed decisions about vendor selection as well as streamline vendor performance.

Embracing real-time feedback, continuous monitoring, and a robust rating mechanism, modern VMS’s enable you to improve outcomes by effectively managing low-performing agencies. By leveraging these insights, you have the flexibility to collaborate exclusively with top-tier vendors, maximizing productivity and achieving exceptional results.

#2 Enhances recruiters productivity through automation

Unlock the full potential of your recruiters' productivity with the aid of advanced automation capabilities. Modern VMS’s (Vendor Management Systems) harness the combined strengths of various talent acquisition tools, enabling recruiters to streamline candidate profile evaluation, interview scheduling, and collaboration with vendors directly within the VMS platform. With the aid of a recruitment management system, recruiters have a plethora of automated tasks at their disposal. Recruiters can now channel their energy towards more strategic endeavors, leading to quicker, better-informed decisions based on data.

In essence, a cutting-edge VMS empowers recruiters by automating mundane tasks, thereby liberating valuable time and resources that can be directed towards pivotal aspects of the recruitment process.

#3 Reduces talent acquisition costs

Vendor Management Systems unlock substantial cost-saving benefits that revolutionize your talent acquisition process in multiple ways. Powered by automation features, VMS eliminates the need for multiple tools and conserves valuable resources. By centralizing your talent acquisition operations with candidate relationship management software, you can significantly reduce costs associated with tool proliferation and streamline your workflow.

By leveraging data-driven insights, VMS’s enable you to identify and take necessary actions against underperforming staffing agencies, allowing you to trim costs associated with ineffective partnerships and maximize your return on investment.

Recruitment Management System provides further cost-saving potential, such as enabling HR professionals to obtain accurate payroll data, analyze it, and reduce wasteful spending.

CBREX - the new age of cloud-based VMS

CBREX is a cloud-based VMS that leverages the strengths of staffing agencies empaneled on its platform. It simplifies talent acquisition by connecting enterprises with 4000+ validated global recruiting and staffing agencies. The platform nature of the VMS enables enterprises to quickly move all their existing agencies to the cloud leading to agency consolidation while making engagement completely digital.

Using CBREX cloud-based VMS, companies can source candidates for full-time and contingent positions anywhere in the world through a single digital interface by leveraging the candidate relationship management software .

A single contract with CBREX eliminates the administrative hassles of empanelling agencies or dealing with MSP's. Its advanced screening and analytics tools increase transparency and help enterprises hire better quality talent 3x faster and at costs that are 30-70% lower.

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