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The Times They Are A-Changing

The times are changing globally and for multiple sectors no doubt, but the time for recruiters to push their clunky officer monitors and contact book aside has come knocking at the door. 

Conventionally, recruiters would spend a large part of their time making cold calls and enticing potential candidates with a very ‘lucrative offer’. This with the hope that it would be close to impossible for a potential candidate to pass up the offer. So the sale of the “job” per se was the MOST important attribute that a recruiter needed to have.

Things have changed exponentially over the last 2 decades. From ATS and job boards, we are now standing at another fork in the road.

He/she will have to hop onto the next tech wagon or miss the bus. Being adaptive is after all a key requirement for a good recruiter. Tech-based platforms and tools throw up a goldmine of data, which can make a recruiters job more “analytical” than it has ever been. Usually good sales people DON’T like data as they are people of action. However, the change in the sales landscape that started a couple of decades ago with the proliferation of sales tools has now hit home on the recruitment front also.

The recruiter of 2020 and beyond needs to be a savvy technologist who combines selling skills with a deft use of technology. Tools such as  CBREX enable recruiters to fill positions at four times the speed. That’s right. 

CBREX enables recruiters to quadruple their efficiencies, which is no mean feat. To understand this, have a quick glance at the table below. which indicates the talent pipeline at the start and the number of individuals who have been given an offer at the end of the day. 

This is the result of multiple things coming together. The breadth of the network, which is several times higher and the screening tools brings with it a higher number of relevant CVs.

Recruiters who are up for change will be the ones who will see an exponential jump in their professional careers. These are great times to be in recruitment.

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